Island Activities Print


The island of St. Thomas has much to offer in the way of fun activities and attractions. Here are links to a few of the activities our hotel guests have enjoyed.

Most people who come to the island want to get in or on the water the very day they arrive. The first list of links will get you ON the water in short order, however it is always advisable to make your reservations before you arrive on St. Thomas.

If you plan to snorkel, it is good to learn about sea life so before you dive in - so you will recognize the things you see. This businesses listed in this second section teach about marine life beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea.

Spending time at the beach is what it's all about in St. Thomas. Magens Bay and Coki Point are a couple of our favorite beaches.

There are so many different ways to have fun in St. Thomas. You can take the ferry to St. John, go for a helicopter ride, go shopping, take an island tour, go deep-sea fishing, ride the sea plane, go parasailing, rent a jet ski, go scuba diving - or sit in a comfortable lounge chair on the beach and read your book. You're on vacation - just do what you enjoy the most and have a great time!