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The Green Iguana Hotel is named after several green iguanas who play in the trees and courtyards at the hotel. We have named our mascot iguana "Igor the Great," and he can usually be seen munching on the leaves of one of our trees.

The green iguana is a reptile found throughout Central and South America. Full-grown iguanas are usually between four and six feet, although they have been known to grow up to seven feet long. This includes the tail, however, which can make up about half the body length and, in addition to its green color, iguanas have black stripes. Igor the Great, our largest iguana at The Green Iguana Hotel, is over four feet in length.


Green iguanas, not surprisingly, are green in color, but can be found in many different shades ranging from bright green, to a dull, grayish-green. The young males are a bright lime green, and as iguanas mature, their the shade of their skin gradually darkens. Their skin is rough, and the males have a set of pointy scales along the their back. Green iguanas have long fingers and claws to help them climb and grasp.

Green iguanas have good senses of hearing and smell, and superb vision. Their long tail is also quite sharp, and is snapped in the air as a defense mechanism. The tail can also break off if caught by a predator, but grows back without permanent damage. Green iguana skin is very water resistant, and tough to avoid cuts and scratches. The coloring of the skin helps camouflage the green iguana allowing them to blend in easily to their surroundings to remain undetected by predators. If they need to escape quickly, iguanas can dive from trees into water, and swim well.

Iguanas live in tropical rainforest areas, generally in lower altitudes in areas near water sources, such as rivers or streams. They spend most of their time high in the forest canopy, about 40-50 feet above the ground. Green iguanas are omnivorous, so they eat both plants and meat. They tend to eat mostly plants, though, especially leaves and fruits. Sometimes green iguanas (especially young ones) will eat eggs, insects, and small vertebrates. Both male and female green iguanas can store fat under their jaws and in their necks for times when there is not much food available.



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The Green Iguana Hotel is an award-winning hotel that stays true to its family-owned roots. The Hotel has been listed in Fodor's Choice, Frommer's Travel Guide, and Lonely Planet multiple times, as well as earning TripAdvisor's coveted Certificate of Excellence. Our guests have spoken!

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